NTVDM Compatibility Drivers


Although Windows NT (and its successors Windows 2000 and XP) is able to run DOS programmes within a Virtual DOS Machine (NTVDM), this environment is very limited: There's no access to most software and hardware that's available under a normal DOS environment or even within a DOS box on Windows 95/98/Me.

The NTVDM does, however, allow to emulate nearly all DOS APIs and hardware through so-called Virtual Device Drivers (VDDs). Here you will find a list of available VDDs created here as well as links to drivers created by others.

Available Drivers

Name Release Description Licence Download Homepage
Created by this project:
ntoldapp 0.90b Clipboard access through Windows 3.xx/95/98/Me API (WINOLDAP) GPL Download (this project)
ntvjoy 0.90b Simple Joystick driver GPL Download (this project)
Created by others (Open Source):
VDMSound 2.0.4 Soundcard (SB16, SBPro, FM/AdLib, MPU-401) and Joystick Emulation GPL Download Homepage
NTLFN 0.8 Long File Name Support through Windows 95/98/Me API GPL Download & Homepage
Created by others (not Open Source):
GUSEmu 0.90 Gravis Ultrasound Emulation Freeware Download Homepage
LFN/NT 1.03 beta 3 Long File Name Support through Windows 95/98/Me API ???? Download & Homepage
NTFOSS 1.0 FOSSIL Driver for COM Ports Shareware ???? (abandoned)
NetFoss 0.8 FOSSIL Driver for (incoming) Telnet connections Freeware Download Homepage